Recharge your meter now

Why recharge your meter

Lagos state is one of the fastest growing city in Africa and in the world.

The increase in the number of people has also led to an increase in the demand for electricity.

The major part of Lagos is supplied with electricity by Ikeja electric and Ikeja electric is the largest of the DISCOs in Nigeria.

They have the largest franchise area and serve the biggest electricity distribution network in the country.

Because of the people influx, there is an increase in technology use and which are powered by electricity.

Since electricity is one of the biggest innovations of our time, it has become part of everything we do. It is hardly possible to make any meaningful achievement or get work done without electricity.

In fact, Nigeria is said to be underdeveloped due to the fact that it has a limited supply of electricity.

Electricity is needed in homes, industries and every other facility you will find around in a city. There is hardly a place where electricity is not required.

It is said that because the majority of Nigerians do not pay their NEPA bill or electricity bill reasons why the electricity distribution companies are not able to pay the power generation companies.

However, NERC decided to introduce the prepaid meter system into the country, and people were advised to move from postpaid to the prepaid meter 

The prepaid meter system requires the customer to load their meters with credits by means of recharging meters online. The amount recharged will be credited to each meter until it is exhausted upon which the customer will repeat the process again.

People in lagos recharges their meter using different payment platforms and for different reasons.

Conlog prepaid meter


Recharge at home

People need electricity at home to run their appliances all the time. Some of these appliances can be found in the living room, examples of living room appliances are TV, AC, Fan, Radio and so many more. Also, you will find appliances in the Kitchen, bedrooms and other places in the house. In recent times homeowners are switching to energy saving appliances that will lower their energy rate or electricity bill.

Energy Saving appliance

Recharge on the Go

Nigeria is still developing, so the need for electricity on the go! Particularly in transportation. The present need is nothing compared to the developed countries where there are effective train and tram systems.

Presently in Nigeria, most of the electricity recharging that occurs on the go is for few electric cars in the country, and more majorly recharging of mobile phone and laptops.

recharge on the go

Recharge in the hospital

In good hospitals in Lagos and Nigeria generally, there is a need for electricity. The operators of these hospitals will always recharge their meter so as to power some of their equipment like the ECG machines and the X-ray machines. Electricity is required whenever an operation is to be carried out.

Electric powered ECG Machine

How to recharge your meter to have electricity

Its very simple, with your meter number in hand. Make sure you are using a prepaid meter.

Simply go to and enter your phone number to register

Choose a password, enter your meter details and the amount you wish to recharge .its that simple.

Finally, We all need to recharge our meter every now and then so we can power appliance and have a product life. In brief, without electricity life can be boring. Majority of what we do depends on electricity.

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