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Why you should pay your electricity bill ontime

1. To avoid debt accumulation.

When your Nepa bill is delivered by Ikeja electricity, it is always a bill that shows what you are owing for a month. When you do not make such payment immediately and allow it pending up until the next bill is issued, the amount you will need to pay will increase and thereby making it more difficult for you to pay.

There are instances where people have incurred bills running into 100 thousands of Naira. When a Nepa bill or electricity bill is not paid on time, the amount owed will keep increasing because the electricity company will be adding the previous amount to the new amount owed. This is a usual occurrence with postpaid meter owners.

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2. To qualify for discounts

Our Ikeja electric payment platform allows you to qualify for a discount when you make your payment in good time and the offer is available at different times throughout the year. Presently there is an opportunity for a discount on MAP when you are switching for a prepaid meter. You can get up to 10% discount on your outstanding bill with Ikeja electric and the payment can be made in installments or in full.

Paying your bills in good time can equate to some great discounts on your bills. To get update on available discount simple subscribe to our mailing listing by registering on

3. It helps with your credit rating

Believe it or not, one of the quickest ways of finding out if you do pay your bills is by checking your debt history. And one of the ways to find out if you are the type that does not pay your debt is by checking your records of payment with your utility company.

Debt owed are indicated against your name and it may be difficult for you to get access to loans from some money lenders if they find out that you're the type that does not pay your bill.

Generally, your consistency in paying your debt will determine your credit score. A good credit score will allow you to easily secure loans from various lending companies and institutions. 

So to have a good credit rating, ensure you pay your bills early, pay the minimum amount required each month and this will help you build your credit rating. At comparelight we tend to give better credit facility considerations to customers with good credit ratings.

credit ratings

If you want a prepaid meter? Switch from the postpaid meter. You can visit and you could get up to 10% discount on your outstanding bills.

4. Save time and errors

When you do not pay your electricity or Nepa bill in good time and the amount is accumulated, sometimes it becomes an argument and you may have to call the customer care for Ikeja electric to argue that the amount indicated on your Nepa bill is not actually what you owe.

Over time, we have noticed that this happens to 90% of our customers who have accumulated bills. This sort of situation leads to power cuts and the customer ends up wasting a lot of money and time trying to reach the customer service over the phone or by visiting the customer service offices in the effort to resolve whatever accounting issues they might have on the presented electricity bill.

No matter how careful you are, mistakes and errors do happen because they are part of life. By paying your electricity bills on time, you will save a lot of pain, time, money and you get the opportunity to avoid errors.

5. You can budget properly

Paying electricity bills is one of the basic necessities and it is performed monthly, but this is not the only payment or purchase you will be making during the month, like most people there is the need to pay other bills like water, house rent, internet bill, phone bill, food, and other household expenses. If you are able to calculate how much each of this item will cost you monthly, you will be able to plan your income by developing a good budget plan that will allow you to be free from debt.

If you persistently pay your electricity bill and every other bill in good time, you will not find your self in a situation whereby you will run out of cash because you are following a budget and you have structured your activities properly such that you do not go out of budget.

By paying off your Nepa or electricity bill in good time you will always be free to do whatever you want with the rest of your income and also you might just have an enough to add to your savings!

Budget infograph

6. Less worry & Stress

This is very obvious that when we owe money, our mind is unsettled and we become quite stressful. Stress and Worry are not good for the health of anybody. And there are so many factors that constitute to the stress and worries of life! When you do not pay your electricity or Nepa bill in good time, you might misplace the document and your inability to find it can be of a worry at any point in- time.

When Nepa bill or electricity bill is allowed to accumulate over time, the outstanding figures will rise and you will become worried because it is becoming more and more difficult to pay. Eventually, your power may be cut off and you are without electricity. So many things will go wrong and bad at this point and you can become stressful.

It is advisable both for health benefit and financial prudence to always pay electricity bill in good time as soon as they arrive

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Where to pay your electricity bill online

You can pay your Ikeja electricity bill online by visiting

Enter your phone number and indicate the amount you wish to pay.

You will receive a confirmation text, a mail, and a token if necessary.

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