Calculate Kwh of Applainces

Do you know you can calculate the total energy requirements of your home? you can use the data to budget or use the system we are going to teach you to control your consumption. With this method, you will know which equipment is consuming most of the energy and how much Ikeja electric is charging you per hour to put them on.

How To Calculate Kilowatt Hours

Most household equipment has a wattage label (See the picture below). The wattage is the maximum energy the equipment will need for it to work perfectly. So for us to calculate how much Ikeja electric is charging when we put on our equipment we have to convert the wattage to kilowatt hours (KWh).


Most high-power appliances have an energy label on the back or base of the appliance. Look here to find the wattage, listed as "W."

NB: Please note, Some devices show a range of watts, such as "200–300W." It may be more accurate to choose the middle of this range or 250W in this example.

Also, some appliance labels do not list watts. In this situation, look for an amp or "A" measurement instead.
You will need to multiply the figure in ''A'' by the standard household voltage in Nigeria, which is 240v.

So for example, if I have a microwave label lists 6.5 amps and is plugged into a 240V outlet. It will consume 6.5 amps x 240 volts = 1560 watts.

Appliance label showing watt
Appliance label showing amp


Multiply the watt by hours used each day. So for this example, we could see that our appliance is rated 250W and I only put it on for 5 hours a day. Then what we do is multiply 250W by 5 hours to get the watt-hours per day.
(250watts x (5 hours/ day) = 1250 watt-hours/day.

For your home appliances like air conditioning bulbs, kettles, irons etc, make separate calculations for each season.

Also, remember that Refrigerators only draw power about ⅓ of the time, or about 8 hours a day if you never unplug them.


Divide your answer by 1000 since we are charged by the electricity company per kilowatt and 1000 watts make a kilowatt.
Converting the result above to kilowatt-hours per day

(1250 watt hours / day) ÷ (1000 watts / 1 kilowatt) = 1.25 kilowatt hours per day.


We are going to now find out how much Ikeja electric is charging us when we switch this appliance on for 5 hours a day.

To do this we need to know our rate per KWh hour from Ikeja electric. You can find this in the receipts (See image) and text messages you receive from us every time you recharge your meter or if you are on a postpaid meter, simply check your bill and look for the ''rate''.

Here we are going to use N21.30 which is the energy rate by Ikeja electric for a single phase residential areas that are non-rural.

You can also find out your Ikeja energy rate here

(N21.30 / kWh) x (1.25 kWh / day) = N26.63 per day

To calculate the cost of running this appliance in a month and If I keep it on for 5 hours every day in that month.

First I will multiply the daily usage by 30 (Numbers of days in a Month).

(1.25KWh / day) x ( 30 days) = 37.5KWh / Month

So, every month Ikeja electric will charge

(N21.30 / kWh) x (37.5 kWh /Month) = N798.75 per month.

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