Frequently asked questions

A token is the 20 digits number you receive after making payment to recharge your prepaid meter. The token is what you enter into your meter so that you can have electricity.

Minimum payment is the amount your electricity distribution company is asking you to pay before you can have electricity. The amount is usually arrived at based on your oustanding payments on your postpaid meter and or amount for the 100 units of power that was on your prepaid meter when it was installed. insist that you should register before you vend because by registering we are able to keep records of your previous transactions for record purposes and for your own use. Registered customers are able to print their receipts anytime they want and they can also easily calculate how much they spend on electricity each month.  Apart from that, we also give freebies to our registered customers on regular basis. 

Dependiing on your meter, your meter number is usually written on your smart card or you can find it on your receipt from previous recharges. if in doubt please contact our customer service for help

Depending on your meter type. Most postpaid customers recharge by using their account number which is visible on your ikeja electric bill or nepa bill.

A prepaid customer uses a prepaid meter. They pay for electricity before they can use it and they do not get monthly bill.

A postpaid customer is given a bill by the electricity distribution company on a monthly basis. They pay for electricity after consumption. 

The tarrif class is clearly stated on the bill. You can also check this page to have an idea here

If you made the transaction on pleasse contact us otherwise contact ikeja electric customer care

Your smart card or your monitor unit might be faulty.  Contact ikeja electric for further assistance.

This could be as a result of the following; The monitor card is not properly connected to the meter or the monitor unit of the meter is faulty.  Contact Ikeja electric for further assistance.

Ikeja electric prepaid meters are free.

Contact Ikeja electric for the most recent procedure. 

Visit any of ikeja electric business units closest to you with the copy of your previous vending/purchase receipt.
Repacing your card costs =N=5,000.00, and payment should be made into Zenith Bank (1013104220).

This could be due to low voltage. Please wait until the voltage is normal.

No, you cannot, as meters are registered in the name of the landlord. Please let your landlord Ikeja electric for more information on how to register your meter.

It is the responsibility of Ikeja Electric, at no cost to the customer. However please note that this does not cover cost of willful or malicious damages. therefore customers are encouraged to safeguard their meters.

Visit the ikeja electric business unit office with the Meter form and photocopy of the installation form with valid means of identification i.e. (international passport, driver’s license or voter’s card) to be submitted for documentation after being duly signed.

Ikeja Electric’s Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) is a state-of-the-art technology that enables utilities to read, disconnect and connect meters remotely and to detect individual customer outages quickly using a wireless communications network. Information derived from the AMI system can be used to improve electric system performance, customer service and operational efficiency.

Yes you will get a meter, but the debt will be factored into your account.

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