Pay NEPA bill online

Nepa is also known as National Electric Power Authority and it used to be the company that manages Nigerian electricity power supply and infrastructures.

Most people still receive Nepa bills (Now bill from DISCOs) on a monthly basis. Most Nepa bills are being distributed by the new Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) that manages the customer area or location.

So if you live in an area that is covered by Ikeja electric, your NEPA bill will be issued by Ikeja electric since they now distribute electricity in your area.

if you have not received your bill for the month, please contact your distribution company.

pay nepa bill online

How to pay nepa bill online

There are various ways to pay your nepa bill online and they are lsited below

You can pay your Nepa bills online at simply make sure you have your meter or account number. Presently you can only make payments for those areas under Ikeja electric distribution network on the platform.

Watch how to pay nepa bill online

DISCOs websites

You can also make payment by visiting your disco website. check all the DISCOs websites here

bank transfer


You can also make payment of your Nepa bill in any of the commercial banks in Nigeria.

payment slip

In all cases, once payment is made, make sure you have a copy of your receipt or payment slip which you can then paste on your walls after payments so that the NEPA or Ikeja electric official will see it when they come for routine checks.

Sometimes when the official does not see your evidence of payment, they might decide to cut off your power lines.

For further assistance concerning your electricity bill. Please call our customer care line on +2348174735017 or send an e-mail to

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