• Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) Ikeja Electric

      In other to speed up the rate at which consumers are issued with prepaid meter, the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola, has raised the hope of Nigerians towards ending crazy electricity billing with the announcement of approval for 108 firms to supply meters MAPS.

      Steps on getting a MAPs Meter

      Who is a Meter Asset Provider (MAPs)?
      These are companies licensed by the regulator (NERC) to procure and install meters for customers of electricity distribution companies

    • When will Ikeja Electric commence the MAP scheme
      Ikeja Electric will commence MAP in May 2019

    •  Are meters free?
      In line with Nerc regulations, customers are expected to pay for meters. The payment for the meter by the customers can either be upfront or in instalments.

    • How much does a meter cost?
      A single phase meter cost N38,850 and a three-phase meter costs N70,350 these are all inclusive of VAT.

    • I cannot afford to pay for the meter at once.
      Customers who cannot afford to pay for their meters upfront can pay in instalments. The instalments are by regulation referred to as the Monthly Metering Service Charge (MSC) and will continue until full amortization of the meter asset cost as agreed with MAPs.

    • Is the meter service charge (MSC) the same as the suspended fixed charge?
      MSC is not the same as the suspended Fixed charge (FC). Meter service charge (MSC) is the monthly repayment of the cost of the meter over a period of time.

    • Will I have to pay any additional charges for my meter request?
      No. The total amount payable is as stated for single and three phase meters respectively. However, where a customer location does not have the right service wiring, customers will be advised to purchase one. This can be obtained from any licensed electricity vendor.

    • How do we pay for MAP Meters?
      All payment for meters should be made into the authorized bank account to be advised by the MAP. No customer should pay cash for meters to any individual.

    • I want a meter, what do I do?
      Completer or update your details by visiting Ikeja electric website http://map.ikejaelectric.com
      For further clarification on this please send an email to customercare@ikejaelectric.com or call on any of these numbers; 01-448-390001-700-0250 and 0700-022-5543

    • What if I do not want a meter?
      The regulations stipulate that all unmetered customers must be metered under the MAP scheme. Customers who refuse will be denied service by the distribution company.

    • Can I get a meter directly from Ikeja Electric outside of MAP?
      No. All meters will be procured and installed via MAPs.

    • Do I have to settle my postpaid bill before applying for a meter?
      Customers are advised to settle their postpaid bill by taking advantage of the various repayment options available during the KYC process. The outstanding balance can also be rolled over into the customers' prepaid meter account and paid in instalments in line with IE’s instalment plans.

    • I want more than one meter?
      A meter is for one customer account only. However, customers with more than one account can have multiple meters.

    • My meter has just been installed, what is the next step?
      The meter will be processed for setup and activated within 2 days and customers will be able to vend for every energy using any of the IE payment channels.

    • FAQs on MAP
      FAQs on MAP
    • FAQs on MAP
      FAQs on MAP

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